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Well structures


In accordance with the Latvian construction regulations, the revision of engineering networks and construction of wells and pipelines must take place at a depth which guarantees resistance against freezing in winters. Engineering networks are mostly built below the ground freezing depth, guaranteeing resistance against frost and therefore additional thermal insulation of structures is not required. However, it is possible that construction technologies significantly increase the depth of the construction works, thus also increasing the investment system. Such a problem is most topical in self-flow sewerage systems where designed slope must be rigorously followed. In many places all around Latvia there are increasing amounts of groundwater, which can cause obstacles to construction engineering systems in the required depth. Additional thermal insulation for pipelines and well structures can significantly reduce the required depth, thus avoiding unnecessary complicated construct works under the groundwater level.

  • LLC TENAPORS offers thermal insulation shells with come in various sizes (and shapes) depending on the required use. The thermal insulation system mostly consists of a segmented insulation which is interconnected with a groove-channel joint. The standard products which consist of 2 segments are available with the external thermal insulation diameter up to 1,000 mm. Non-standard thermal insulation shells are made of several segments. Thermal insulation is made according to a client’s technical drawings, thus ensuring the required material compliance with the remaining project components.

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