Tenapors cauruļvadu siltināšana T



Expanded polystyrene segments for thermal insulation of pipelines

Expanded polystyrene products TENAPORS T are designed for thermal insulation of pipelines and other cylindrical devices and constructions.

TENAPORS T products are supplied as cylindric shell segments, without coverings and coatings. Continuous thermal insulation is formed on site by connecting the segments with longitudinal tongue-and-groove joints.

TENAPORS-T products are produced with wide range of internal diameter and thermal insulation thickness.

Products can be manufactured to individual order.

    • Low thermal conductivity, that significantly reduces heat losses or heat gains in the pipelines and decreases condensation risks;
    • Low water absorption – thermal insulation retains its functions in wet and moist environments;
    • Tongue-and-groove joint provide secure and airtight connection;
    • The shells are lightweight and easy to assemble – it reduces installation time and there is no need for highly trained workforce;
    • Long lifetime (with UV protection, even over 50 years);
    • Stable dimensions and shape during all lifetime;
    • A wide range of sizes – diameter from 10mm to 2200mm and more, insulation thickness from 30mm to 495mm;
    • High mechanical strength – pipelines can be assembled in trenches by laying them in the ground.
  • CharacteristicsNominal value
    Fire reaction classE class
    SizesLength 1200mm, Insulation thickness 30 - 200 mm, Diameter 10 - 1000 mm
    Thermal conductivity coefficient≤0,036 W/m*K
    Compression tensions≥27,3 kPa
    Tensile strength≥100 kPa
    Long-term water absorption≤5%
    Insulation thicknessUpon request