Fasade Decorative Elements

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Fasade Decorative Elements

Expanded polystyrene products TENAPORS DECOR are designed for the trim of building facades and rooms.

TENAPORS DECOR elements are produced in different shapes and sizes, with or without coatings.

Precoated products are manufactured with two types of coatings, i.e. with polyacrylate coating as well as with acrylate basecoat and quartz (silica) sand cover.

Decorative elements may be assembled to obtain continuous decorative profiles or used as separate decorative elements.

Products with special dimensions may be supplied on request.

    • Wide range of standard decorative elements
    • Dimensions and shape are stable during the lifetime
    • Lightweight elements, easy to assemble, and they does not create extra load on buildings structures
    • Possibility to assemble directly both on load bearing structure and insulated parts of the walls
    • Possibility to produce non-standard decorative elements on special request
    • Cost saving for large and complex structures, when replacing decorative elements based on gypsum or other natural stones
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