Griestu panelis HD Tenapors




Element of ceiling and roof of the system “Dobeles panelis” are self-bearing with variable geometrical sizes for the construction of ceiling. They consist of expanded polystyrene block with embedded perforated galvanised metal profile. This form allows making 13 cm wide reinforced concrete cross-beam of variable height in which it is possible to use the standard reinforcement structure or the traditional reinforcement bars, up to 4 reinforcement bars.

  • Major construction and reconstruction advantages presented by the system «Dobeles panelis»:

    • the light weight of the elements provides the possibility to construct low-storied reinforced concrete structure buildings without the necessity to use heavy equipment (cranes, etc.) and it has considerable impact on the building costs, besides the noise level on the construction site is reduced;
    • labour intensity of the construction system with stayin- place expanded polystyrene forms is considerably lower than that of any other construction technology;
    • the system is best suited in cases when it is necessary to build additional new storeys in existing buildings thus upgrading the obsolete housing fund;
    • the excellent heat insulation characteristics and low water penetrability allows to perform concrete casting also at negative temperatures without heating concrete, this feature makes simplifies building process and reduces its costs;
    • broad selection of architectural solutions is provided in both reconstructing old buildings and constructing new ones because structural elements can be manufactured of different forms and length;
    • the size of construction sites are minimizes thus providing the possibility to perform construction and reconstruction works in a densely constructed area;
    • the speed of construction can reach up to four storeys per month.
  • CharacteristicsNominal value
    Fire reaction classnot specified
    SizesOn request, Platums 600 mm, Garums 500 - 12 000 mm, Augstums 180 -320 mm
    Thermal conductivity coefficient≤0,034 W/m*K
    Compression tensions≥54,5 kPa
    Tensile strength≥200 kPa
    Long-term water absorption≤5%
    Insulation thicknessUpon request